Thursday, August 8, 2013

Our Cozy New Cabin

Jim and I found out yesterday after 2 years of looking that we are the proud new owners of this adorable cabin, built in 1985, single owner, never rented, up in the San Bernadino Mountains.  We are thrilled to be able to share this cabin with our children and grandchildren.  Here's Jim on the upper deck with the storm windows pulled down.  The elevation is just around 5000 feet, so we will get snow, and we are walking distance from the lake where there is swimming, fishing, kayaking, and other water sports.  And we have lots of parking for our guests.
Love the deck out front, where I'll be setting up my spinning wheel in the spring and summer.  Also, on either side of the stairway are Lilac trees, my mother's favorite!  Can't wait to see those babies in bloom.  And I hope they leave us that sweet little wooden bench in the corner.

Here is the deck and walkway that goes down to the left side of the house.  You can see that our neighbors are at a good distance away.

And on our right you can barely see our other neighbors thru the trees.
When you walk in the front door and look to your left there's the kitchen and eating area.  Check out those old world kitchen cabinets, they are gorgeous, with nice hardwood flooring that leads to the bathroom and bedroom in back.
A nice large gas stove and a good sized oven for baking our Thanksgiving and Xmas turkeys  :)  The window coverings are in great shape, I wonder if the previous owner made them.  Also, check out the wood poles coming down from the ceiling over top the wood burning fireplace for hanging mittens and scarfs to dry out in winter. 
Is this the sweetest place or what???  We are going to get a large sofa/sleeper for this room.
The carpet is in decent shape, we will give it a deep cleaning before moving in and I think it will be fine.  The color isn't great but we can definitely work with it.
Here is a look see into the only bedroom, pretty darn tiny.  I think we will look for one of those bunk beds that sleeps two on the bottom and one up top.  And there will be sleeping bags for everyone else  :)  
There is a door in the bedroom that goes out to another deck.  I think I want to put in a dutch door here, I've always wanted one of those.
The views from the back deck going either way.

The bathroom is really clean and bright.
There is storage for wood under the front deck here.
Then you walk down steps that lead to the back of the house and the build-up.

The build-up houses the hot water tank, water, gas and sewer lines.  It's a huge space that runs completely under the entire home.
The previous owner has put in great insulation, and is leaving us wall boards.  Looks like he wanted to do what Jim wants to do and turn this into a large living space with more bedrooms and another bath.  At least, that's our goal  :)  I think Jim plans on doing this himself, hummmm.  We'll see how that goes  LOL.

And I found the coolest plant.  Our Realtor told us it's called a silver dollar plant.  There are several of those and lots of lovely ferns spouting around the grounds.
And last but not least, our driveway to our new home.  Whoo-hooo!!  
It's gonna be good Kaya, Beah, Tristan and Ashley!!!  LOL  xoxoxox
Going to make lots of great new memories.

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  1. How exciting!! I have happy childhood memories of my aunt's cabin in Crestline - you and your family will treasure your time spent in your cabin.