Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Solar Pillows - Student Work

Senior Fernie Jacinto's girlfriend is a lucky woman since I'm sure Fernie is dedicating and giving this to her as her graduation gift.

This is the Solar Printed Pillow assignment that my Beginning 3-D kids finished the year off with.  These really showcase their sewing skills they acquired this year along with their design skills.  I get this fabulous photo-sensitive fabric from Dharma Trading Co.  It comes by the yard, or in an 8" by 8" pack of 20.  It's a bit pricey but so worth the fun that the students have with it.  We use the kiln room for our dark room.

This next piece with all this crazy wonderful decoration is the work of sophomore Laarnie Barcelon.  She always comes up with the coolest ideas.  And all that work below belongs to 8th grader Jenna De La Paz.  Talk about a lot of effort, WOW!!

Here we have another 8th grader, Lauren Kennedy, with this great skyline.  She spent a lot of time sewing on each of those beads, but it was so worth it Lauren!  And the lovely ballerina was made by my 3rd 8th grader Jacqueline Yu.  All 3 of these girls worked their hearts out for me all year. 

Above we have 2 super strong designs by seniors Jessica Barnett and Michelle Yoshimoto

And let's not overlook the works by senior Mylan Jefferson and junior Ashley Duru.  So much great stitching going on, look closely.

And the cutie above was made by senior Eugenia Jaccob.  I love that she thought to bring in pieces of fabric for applique.

And my favorite below is the work of sophomore Reis Misaka.  Love the random spacing of the fish, and how they feel like they are swimming, and then the simple splashes of color embroidery.  Perfect Reis!

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