Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Carved Glass Plaques - Student Work

A favorite Ceramics I assignment are these Carved Glass Plaques.  The kids love filling their carved out areas with glass shards that the heat in the kiln melts down for them.  Lately they've also been getting into mixing colors and values for a more dimensional effect like sophomore Abigail Kim has done above.  Also notice at the top that she has pierced a hole in the clay wall for hanging her work.
This very striking work above was made by junior Shamara Mustafa, and below we have 2 sweet pieces by seniors Brendon Lim and Kevin Luong.
I really like how senior Martin Yang is mixing values and colors with his glass shard choices below.
And junior Nathan Chou has done the beautifully crafted heart below.
This next one has a really elegant shape, reminds me of a flame, and I'm pretty sure it was created by senior Daniel Tsai.  And the glass mixing worked out  well.
But my favorite was done by two girls for extra credit, junior Justyn Li and Abigail Kim from above.  It was made way before we did the carved plaques, and it's so much more alive with dimensional elements, and contrast between the glass and stained areas.  Plus by adding the beads, that really pulls the piece together.  I think that Ms. Hall (one of our English teachers) bought the piece at Open House.  I'm going to use this one as inspiration for next year's plaques. 

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