Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Interactive Clay Sculptures - Student Work

I took this assignment out of the schedule last year from my Ceramics I class, but found I really missed it, so this year I brought it back.  So glad I did because the students really used their critical thinking skills on this one.  Wait till you see!
I made the kids jump thru so many hoops for this project.  There had to be clay parts that moved or worked in a way to make the piece interactive.  They were required to be put together with wires, string, raffia, nails, whatever creative devises the young ones could come up with.  They also had to make clay charms and beads that after the glaze process they incorporated into the final design.  
In this piece here by junior Justyn Li, she can move her figures from place to place, and her beads and charms flow from the tree branches.  Justyn worked really hard to put this entire work together; the mounting and painting of the wood, finding branches and stringing together all those tiny parts, and writing words with wire.  
A fantastic piece Justyn, thank you for all your effort!

In this next adorable piece by senior Emmerline Kim, she has built a lid that opens and closes.  I especially like her attention to the small details like the neck wrapped in wax linen with beads, the wire crown, and the words inscribed inside the lid.  Notice her hinge made out of wax linen as well, and the surprises inside.

Senior Sandra Osuji also did a hinged structure with so many wonderful clay beads as accents.  
Also like the spiraled wire touches.
Another requirement was to add surface decoration to the clay, so Sandra has incised, carved and stamped her clay.

Senior David Lee knocked this assignment out of the park with his wired alligator parts.  Each section can be twisted and shaped to go various directions.   And look at the time he spent painting the glaze (3 coats) into each tiny square.  Wonderful work David!  

Kevin Luong, senior, an extremely bright young man, used his engineering mind to create this next work.  You take the string with the ceramic beads and lift the piece up off the ground and it opens like a flower to reveal the spectacular glaze job inside.  Notice how he's strung it together with waxed linen and move beads on the inside.

This fun and playful piece was done by senior Zachary Rank.
The head lifts off so that you can turn it o two different expressions.  The arms are also strung to move.  I really like how he finished it off with glaze and stain.  A good looking piece!

Senior Nikki Shah really got into this project and crafted this highly realistic elephant.  Instead of glazing or staining it she asked if she could use acrylic paint to finish it off..  So she watered the paint down a bit before she applied it for a very natural look.
And because she has sewing skills she made the blanket for the lid. 
All of us were so impressed with her finished product.
Junior Aditi Ramesh did a clever piece with a hinged door and a lid that comes off.  She has incorporated wonderful surface design as well, and then finished it off with both glaze and stain.

This piece by senior Brendon Lim was one of my favorites.  Super creative and clever with lots to play with and look at.
In fact, I liked it so much that I purchased it from him to teach with.  Thank you Brendon for agreeing to part with such an outstanding design.

Like I said, these kids really got into the thinking through of their designs, and senior Lilith Huang was no exception.  Only I blew it and didn't get the most important picture of her entire piece.  
This black hat that she built out of clay below was supposed to go over top the clay bird on it's wooden perch.  And then when you open the top of the hat you see her bird inside.  But I didn't get that pix, sorry Lilith!  But you get the idea.
Then the lid hinges open for you to see the gorgeous surface treatment she has incised into the clay, then stained with cobalt carbonate.  Lilith spent a lot of time and effort building the wood foundation and perch.  Exceptional Lilith!  

This highly creative interactive piece by junior Shamara Mustafa, was so outside the box, that I just knew I had to own it so I could teach with it next year.  Thank you Shamara for letting me buy it.  Come visit it anytime, it will be on display in the Art Lounge.
Both the eye and lips rotate so you can play with it to get the look you want.  Crazy wonderful!

And this last one by senior Andre' Martin also got scooped up by one of our teachers at Open House cuz it was so expressive, plus the finish on it rocked.
Way to go Ceramics I, it was a pleasure to work with you all!

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