Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Preliminary Oil Pastels - Student Work

For my Beginning 2-D kids, the 4th Quarter is all about color and learning how to use it with a variety of media.  I start them off with oil pastel because it's user friendly and inexpensive :)
They have several requirements to meet , some of which are range of value in subject as well as back and foregrounds, cast shadows, shading in either a monochromatic, complimentary, or analogous way, and using either hatchure or pointillism techniques or both.  I have them practice for 2 days on small pieces of black construction paper, then off they go on a larger piece of black paper to do their final one for grading.  Unfortunately, I've lost track of the artists on a couple of these, so young ones, help me if you can. 

Taking a guess here but I think these two were done by junior Cathy Luo and 8th grader Annie Oh.
And one last guess on these last two.  How about juniors Justin Hwang and Alex Lee.  Feel free to chime in you guys!

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