Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Soldered Glass Unit - Student Work

Yesterday I shared the Full and Partially Fused Glass pieces by my Intermediate 3-D kids, today I'd like to show off the Soldered Glass project that we did in conjunction with the fused glass (like you see above), and also with clear glass (below).

Each student was to show me they could solder around one of their full fused pieces like senior Julia Chanco did above.  I really like how she cut the cooper tape into scallops before she soldered for a more decorative edge.  The young ones also had to show me they could solder on a jump ring (super difficult).
Each student also had to make 2 clear soldered glass pendents like the rest shown here.  These are double sided so they had to find something special/meaningful for both sides.  Soldering is challenging and takes practice, this wasn't easy for them to do, but I felt it was an important skill for them to learn.

The darling cat above was made by senior Amy Hsu, and the stamp from Argentina was soldered by senior Ashley Chowdhury. 

This really fun piece above was made by senior Sheila San Agustin, and the two below by senior Tiffany Lee.  
The cool stamps came from a great Garage Sale find I made last year that I shared with my students.

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