Monday, August 19, 2013

Appliquilt Journals - Student Work

Boy oh boy, did my Beginning 3-D class learn how to stitch, quilt, applique, tye-dye and embellish this year, and use those skills in putting together these journals.
The inside and outside foundations are from their tye-dye unit.  We put batting between the 2 foundations so it became quilty. They had to applique and stitch designs onto front and back covers, work text into their designs, and they needed to embellish with charms, beads, etc.   And then they learned how to book bind using the Long Stitich.  I believe we spent about 3 weeks on this assignment.

This first gorgeous book was built by senior Jessica Barnett, and it flows so well from front to back.

This next piece by senior Kasie Le-Nguyen is so earthy and rich, really reminds me of Fall and the Harvest Moon.

I've lost track just a bit of who made this heart-felt beauty, it's either senior Priyanka Shah or Eugenia Jacob.  Sorry girls, get back to me so I can make the correction  :)

"Colors of the Wind" was done by senior Michelle Yoshimoto, and the colors she has used in this work are really lovely and appealing to the senses.

Senior May Luong, whose work we've seen a lot lately in both this class and the Beginning 2-D class, gives us this sweet piece about love.  Look closely at all the applique May has worked into her design, hours and hours of time spent. 

And senior Leah Huang is another who put so much effort and time into hers themed "Country Roads Take Me Home".  Did John Denver or James Taylor write that tune and record it first?

And then there is sophomore Laarnie Barcelon who goes completely wild, and puts so much cool stuff into her works.  Below is the interior cover page which makes hers very special.

Junior Kaya Quarles is another who did a sensitive and beautiful job with her front and back covers as well as the interior.  So, so pretty Kaya.  I just knew yours was gonna be good!  :)

And just look at the impeccable workmanship on "Free as a Bird" by junior Ashley Duru.  Ashley is one of the students who can talk constantly while she works and still pull off one of the most beautiful pieces in the class.  Huh, Ashley?  LOL  Yeah, yeah, I know, you aren't the only one who talks a lot  :)
Love you!  Should I tell who the others are???

And this adorable "When Pigs Fly" piece by 8th grader Jenna De La Paz was one of everyone's favorites.  Jenna is such a superstar.  Notice her very sweet interior cover page below. 

And one of my personal favorites came from sophomore Reis Misaka in his "Counting Sheep" journal.  Just look at all that hand stitching he worked into the background  Wow!

Tons of effort and time from all of you, thank you!

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