Thursday, August 22, 2013

Advanced Metal Unit - Student Work

These pieces belong to my Advanced 3-D kids and are very complex.  The students had to choose at least 3 techniques from Mary Hettmansperger"s "Fabulous Woven Jewelry" book, then design an original piece around them.  Kevin, Nida and Rita all came up with completely different concepts as you will see.

This first bas-relief piece was done by senior Kevin Tang.  He has chosen to do a mask with mixed metals.  All 3 kids used a propane torch to either patina their metals or to soften them before hammering.  In Kevin's piece here you can see how he has melted the copper wire so that beads form on the ends.

Senior Nida Fatima has made a dimensional box using lots of different techniques.  I love how both she and Kevin are weaving with the metals.  And look at the gorgeous patina Nida has achieved with the propane torch.

And then senior Rita Labib has started her piece on a wood foundation, and she is using metal techniques that are more conducive to collage.  I wish I'd taken a pix of this piece straight on so you could see even better how cool it was.

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