Wednesday, July 1, 2015


to share the wonderful day my children spent and treated me to on Mother's Day.
Zach took me out to lunch down in Corona Del Mar,
then off we went to my favorite place,
Roger's Gardens in Newport Beach.
And it did not disappoint.

Succulent gardening has gotten popular here in the Southland 
especially with our water shortage,
and Roger's is doing such creative designs with them.  

And the fuchsias this year were lush and varied.

My daughter Danielle joined us after she got off work,
and we had fun opening gifts, reading their loving cards, 
and taking pictures.

Danielle made a colorful stepping stone for up at the cabin,
as well as a mini succulent garden in a mason jar,
clever little crafter  :)...
and Zach helped me pick out that gorgeous Lily and yummy colored Dahlia,
both of which I re-planted in pretty pots,
 and I'm already looking forward to them re-blooming next year.

Then off to Sushi for dinner.
It was a fun and memorable day with my babies.
Thanks you two!!!!
I'm so very blessed.

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  1. Those look like stargazers ... my all-time fav

    You have beautiful kids ... and they bring out the best smile