Monday, July 20, 2015


clay & glazes

We haven't seen many Ceramics II pieces lately,
so I thought I'd showcase a few of their Second Semester wheel thrown pieces.
I have to be honest though,
I'm doing a bit of guessing on names 
because I forgot to write them down.

So I'm pretty sure that this first mug belongs to senior Sameera Ahmad.
I wanted to show both views so you could really appreciate all the twists and flowers.
Beautiful design and so nicely glazed as well!

I do know that all three of these mugs belong to senior Erion Hsaio.
She got some really cool drip effects by overlaying one glaze atop another.

I also believe these two bowls are Erin's as well.
One of the favorite glazes this year was the blue matt in combination with the blue-green.
There is a very pleasing contrast between the shiny and the matte glaze.
And then of course if you overlap them you get a very interesting blurry effect.

I have one note to myself that Erin did this piece as well,
but then another note that says senior Cindy Ryoo created it.
Ok you two,
which one is it???
Whoever it is, 
it is brilliant in it's pleasing design and glazing.
This work was one of the student's favorites this year.
This is our copper glaze,
very earthy with really lovely with subtle breaks.

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  1. Ah, what I recall from my pot throwing days was the incredible challenge of forming a thin, even wall with symmetry ... not to mention applying handles that didn't blow off in the kiln. So I do appreciate what was accomplished in these pieces, which also have some lovely glazes.

    It is the last piece that particularly pleases though, with its even form and beaded lip which are enhanced by the uneven glaze. I'll bet it's a pleasure to hold while the eye moves over all there is to see.