Wednesday, July 15, 2015



I just can't believe it,
it went by way , way too fast.
Today we take you out for your first drink  (ha ha)
your first legal one that is  LOL

You've always given us a run for our money,
my strong willed child.
And I've loved every second of it.
And some of my favorite memories are of your craziness in front of the camera.
I know you will hate that I'm showing these off,
but they are just so much fun!!!
Don't be mad  :)

5th or 6th grade

7th / 8th

9th / 10th

11th / 12th

And more recently... my baby has turned into a woman.
You take my breathe away every time I see you.
You are stunningly beautiful inside and out.

You bring so much JOY into our lives.
and I am so very proud to call you my daughter.

Your light, energy, sense of responsibility, goodness, heart and perseverance are so strong Dani...
I can't wait to see where all of that will take you.
I love you sweet girl.

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  1. Enjoying the ride ... the best part of parenting