Sunday, July 5, 2015


glass shards, copper tape, silver solder, flux, craft wire & jump rings

I was unplugged there for a couple of days.
I'm finding it so much harder to be disciplined in the summertime.
Having way too much fun in the garden and working on a few art pieces. 

These little beauties were done by my three little beauties for a jewelry unit.
I did get some interesting feedback from the girls for next year.
They felt these pendants were more for older woman to wear then younger women,
so they suggested that we turn them into button covers rather then pendants.
Great idea!!!

This first grouping was made by senior Kaili Hamada.
She did have a lot of fun wrapping the fused glass with the craft wire for some inspiring designs.

Our next batch were created by senior Daphne Chiang.
Notice her really cool partially fused pendants,
and also her solder glass piece of she and her mother.
Nice Daph!

Senior Bianca Tolentino experimented with the copper wire,
 and melted it between two glass pieces to form a "B".
Then she soldered around it.
Another wonderful idea for a new requirement for next year.
Thanks Bianca!

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  1. Glass and wire ... the antithesis of my cloth and thread. I am loving the depth of color and fluidity of form that these two media can achieve. And the text ... always that draws my eye. Thank you for sharing these!