Monday, July 27, 2015


indigo vat, needle & thread

My beginners loved this unit with indigo dye.
I save it for one of the last assignments of the year,
after the kids are very confident and comfortable in their sewing skills.
The results were stunning.
Let's peek.

One of the most clear cut and successful designs in the class was made by junior Sara Chea.
Notice the bit of rust in the center ring.
The kids have the option of using rusty objects within their designs.
My guess is that Sara wrapped a rusty nail in her fabric. 

Senior Adhora Islam made this next bold statement with her design.
It takes extreme patience and multiple dips to get this rich dark blue color.

Getting more of a tye-dye effect,
 junior Hazel Cruz also used a couple of rusty objects.

This next one was my favorite.
Loved all those remarkable, varied lines that junior Amber Wu was able to achieve.
Lots of stitching hours on her part to pull this design off.

These last two were incredibly delicate and lovely.
The top one by Joann Chung,
with senior Sunny Kim below.

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  1. These so appeal to my love of symmetry ... and I especially like the golden glow in the center of Sara Chea's cloth