Thursday, July 9, 2015


tempera on recycled white posterboard

In September,
 at the beginning of the school year,
 I had my beginners use tempera in a flat graphic style.  
But in May,
during 4th quarter,
after the kids have learned to draw and design,
I had them try to use the tempera in a 3-D painterly manner.
 (much more difficult) 
I was so thrilled at how well the kids performed 
that I'm showcasing off a few more then I usually do.

Let's start with 8th grader Emily Chen.
Emily excelled in my beginning class this year and really did a great job with the tempera.
She also is becoming quite adept with landscapes.
Em used them quite successfully in several of her last works this year.

Junior Bernice Lin, 
another art star this year,
painted this lovely and sensitive piece above.
It was definitely a class favorite.
I'm hoping that both Em and Bernice will be back again next year!

 junior Christopher Wongsavanh will be moving during the summer,
and I was so hoping he'd be back with me next year. 
I really enjoyed getting to know him,
 and always looked forward to his unique designs,
Good luck Chris with your new school,
hopefully they have an art class for you.

And junior Melissa Lanto,
what a cool design idea she came up with!
She painted each of those little balls,
carefully cut them out, 
and then glued them down to her black backdrop.

Cyrus Salvani, 
one of my top senior artists this year,
blew us out of the water with this brilliant work above.
Besides his striking design,
I also love the texture he thought to bring into this piece.

And junior Hazel Cruz knocked it out of the park with this exciting piece.
She did an amazing job painting her balls,
and then how cool to float them atop the waves.
Also note the tiny bit of tye-dye paper peeking out from around all the edges.

And check this out by junior Risha Bhakta.
I just love how these kids are thinking to cut their work apart
 and re-mount it atop another piece of art.
In this case,
 Risha found a piece of monoprinted paper that was in the recycle drawer to use.

Whenever the kids use tempera,
there is always so much paint that gets partially washed down the sink,
so after the kids leave, 
I take big pieces of white construction paper 
and press it into the bottom of the sink to pick up multiple colored prints
 that change with each rubbing.
These are monoprints and their ghosts.

Lastly senior Karisma Dev also did one of the class favorites.
They really liked her primary palette, 
and the contrast between smooth and textured painting techniques,
along with her bold composition. 

All of you worked so hard and made me so very proud!
Thank you!!!!

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  1. I wish I could be there to see the creative process in action ... what a great life you lead, Deb Sposa!

    Then again, you make it all possible with a pantry full of inspiring stuff. I mean really, who thinks to blot the bottom of a paint-y sink?

    As always, there is much to love here, but it is Risha's riff on roygbiv that keeps drawing my eye back for another look. It appeals to my sense of order with just a hint of chaos around the edges. Awesome stuff.