Saturday, July 11, 2015


clay, oxides, glazes

and where they stop,
nobody knows.

Like junior Eryn Burnett here.
Who knew she would think to put that sweet butterfly at top .
What a perfect ending.
I also really like how she started off with a base foundation that looks like a butterfly,
and then it morphs into an organic shape at the lip.
So well designed Eryn.

Next is senior Laarnie Barcelon's.
Check out that fun octopus she's wrapped on the lip. 

And how brave is senior Michelle Cuatrona to score vertical lines throughout her coil designs.
I love how it ties the entire piece together.

And look at 8th grader Thomas Le go. 
I believe this is his first time to be featured on the blog/
I loved how he glazed his pot with this bold drip design.
Bravo young man!!!!
Fresh and organic.

Versus senior Elijah Ramos who has used the same glazes as Thomas but in a more controlled way
to conform with his design.
But ways look amazing.

There was one more more pix by senior Nikita Govind that I can't seem to find right now.
Know that it was very special and when I find it I will pop it in.  

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  1. My first comment was lost to the vagaries of iPhone texting, but it's worth repeating so I'll try again.

    I recall making coil pots and working so hard to remove evidence of the coils ... looking at these pieces I wonder why. It makes far more sense to celebrate rather than obscure them!

    So here's to Eryn's impossibly thin lip, Laarnie elegant octopus, Michelle's slashing success, Thomas's gravity-defying construction and Elijah's cunningly smooth ribbon with its shadowy coils peeking through. I enjoyed every one!