Thursday, July 30, 2015


Senior Laarnie Barcelon,
sold one of her largest pieces to our English teacher Donna Hall.
Donna's room is already chock full of pieces she has bought from my art students at our Open House Sales,
so I was especially curious to see how she was going to display such a large work.

She picked the wall panels right behind her lecture podium to hang the piece.
She backed half of each panel with a gently patterned piece of fabric 
in a color that worked without distraction.

Then she went to Michael's Crafts and found the most wonderful twig and wire border
to place around the edge of the fabric.

Next she plans to buy a few more student art works to compliment Laarnie's sculpture
to hang in the negative spaces.
Can't wait to see it next year when she finishes her dispaly.
Maybe I'll photo the entire room so you can see her incredible collection. 

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