Tuesday, June 30, 2015


scratchboard & watercolor

My boys took to scratchboard like ducks to water.
Scratchboard is posterboard thickness with a black coating over top.
Two different shaped nibs are used to scratch away the black to get to the whiteboard underneath.
Then watercolors are applied into the white areas.
But good quality scratchboard is hard to find.
My source here in the Southland is Westminister Art Supply Warehouse.
But it's expensive so be warned.

Senior Nathan Chong drew this beauty in it seemed like just a couple of minutes.
It was one of my favorite pieces of his all year.
And this was only his practice piece!!!

Know that these practice pieces are tiny,
only about 2" by 2" or so.
They have to be because of the expense.

Senior Jovani Garcia did this landscape with the fisherman.

Junior Jonathan Hsu drew this very expressive bird.

And we end with senor Michael Cantu with this magical landscape.

I'm looking forward to sharing the larger after pieces.
They are incredible!

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  1. These are otherworldly ... luminous in the way of surf breaking under a rising moon. I am stunned that they are but 2" square. And the idea of adding watercolor afterward is new to me (textiles being my familiar medium), but it makes total sense. What I appreciate is that it was used so subtly and to such good effect in all four pieces. I couldn't begin to choose a favorite ...

    One other thought ... the grad school course I remember best (and liked most) had a weekly assignment that was limited to one page in length. It was the best, hardest thing to do (because as you see, I can go on and on). To distill what you want to say or create into a small space is a discipline well worth practicing!