Friday, July 17, 2015


My dearest blog friend Liz from I'm going to Texas 
is working on the most lovely tribute to the nine people who lost their lives in South Carolina.
She responded to a shout out for stitched hearts by Dee Mellon from Dee Mallon and Company

Liz is very methodical and does a ton of research and pre-planning before she begins.
Check out the wonderful choices she has put together above.

She has used Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth fame's cloth weaving technique to weave her strips
that she first hand embroidered with something special for each of the nine lives lost.

A closer look below.

And now a heart cut hole backed with a piece of Eco-dyed cloth Liz has created.

Too see and read more about the work of Liz Ackert go to her blog.
She is a brilliant writer,
and takes us step by step thru her design and thought process.
A great read!

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  1. Deb - Thank you for the shout out (again ... I blush).

    I just wrote the final post on the cloth, so I left a love note to your students at the end. They can follow the piece from start to finish by following this index link:

    It's going to be hard to go back to "normal" stitching ... this has been a very moving experience.