Saturday, January 31, 2015

One More...

sweet little Pinch Pot.
I found this one by senior Laarnie Barcelon the other day
 and realized I hadn't posted it with the others on January 10th.
It is special because Laarnie did something most beginning clay students don't try
 until they are in the second year class.
And that's trying out drawing with an oxide pencil.
That's how she was able to have that cute little kitten on the side.
Notice how the handle wraps into a tail.
Clever girl!
If you are new to clay,
you can buy thru Aardvark Clay and Supplies in Santa Ana, Ca.
the four main oxides in pencil form.
They are red iron, rutile, cobalt and chrome.
They also other a couple others if you are interested.
After bisquing the clay (first firing)
you draw with the colored pencils right onto the raw bisqueware, 
then coat with a transparent glaze.
Laarnie here used a transparent glaze over her cat, 
then dipped the top half in a turquoise glaze for a two-toned look.

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