Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Let's Light Them Up!

clay, metallic rubbing compounds, beeswax, raffia & misc. embellishments

Making these slab candlestick holders is a prelude to the more difficult slab boxes
 that are coming up in 3rd Quarter.
Also required in this assignment is the use of found objects embedded in the clay's surface
like feathers, fabrics, laces, leaves, yarns, cardboard shapes, etc. on 2 sides of the holder.
On the other 2 sides,
 the students are required to use their bisqued stamps and cylinder stamps they made in 1st Quarter.

And then because they take these home right before Xmas break, 
I buy them a beautiful variety of beeswax and teach them to make tapers.
This year they went crazy wonderful with the embellishments as you will see. 

This first gorgeous work was created by junior Eryn  Burnett.
I forgot to mention that my assistant Alyssa Olea loads them into our sawdust fire
for that charcoal flavor.
Then the kids rub them with metallic compounds to bring up the surface designs.

These next three had so much fabulous color rubbed into their surfaces.
From the left we have seniors Eduardo Jacinto & Elijah Ramos,
and junior Jaime Kim.
a close up

These next beauties belong to junior Klyne Madayag, senior Nikita Govind,
 and 8th grader Claire Chung.
a close up

And lastly we have these 3 lovelies by 8th grader Lindsey Chang, 
and juniors Juliene Porciuncula & Sitara Puliyanda.
one more close up

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