Saturday, January 10, 2015

What's Cooking in that Kiln?

clay, glazes and oxides

We haven't seen a lot from my beginning clay kids this year because I have to wait for all the firings to be done before I photo their work.
But know that they are an incredible bunch of students ranging in age from 8th thru 12th grade.
There are 32 of them,
 and they get so deep into right brain working with the clay
 that you can hear a pin drop in my classroom!
Bliss  :)

This was their 3rd assignment from 1st Quarter.
They could have formed a pinch bowl w/ foot or a mug w/ handle.
they also neede to incorporate some applied surface decoration.
These good looking mugs belong to seniors Eduardo Jacinto and Elijah Ramos. 

This wonderful pot above was made by senior Nikita Govind.
And below we have the works of juniors Juliene Porciuncula,
 Sitara Puliyanda, and senior Athena Mao.
Below we see the inside of Athena's pot. 
 She has built in a wonderful surprise when we peek inside.

Here is another piece by Sitara.
She is experimenting with glaze drips and texture.

And the three cuties below were created by 8th grader Eugene Ho,
and seniors Asha Bhakta and Andrew Perley.

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