Friday, January 2, 2015

Light and Airy

porcelain, glaze & oxides

This is one of the first assignments of the school year for my 2nd year clay students.
It's a slab review as well as an introduction to porcelain.
Thinness is stressed,
along with decorative edges,
 and lots of embossed surface design.

Probably one of the most beautiful works in clay to ever be built in my classroom in 35 years by senior Ju Eun Lee.
So lovely that I had to take two pix in two different lights.

This next one by senior Yasmeen Pardo is also really cool.
She has adorned it with her signature metal pieces along the side edges, 
and look at how nicely the glaze is breaking around her surface design.

And what an interesting shape senior Nicolas Tudor has built on the right.
If you look at it from above it's a tear drop. 
He is using a new wooden rolling tool to emboss the clay's surface.

These next ones were shot on a different day and I wish I'd used another color backdrop.
They are a little hard to see because of the lack of contrast but they are really cool little wraps.

These two tiny cuties above belong to senior Cindy Ryoo along with the one on the right below.
The one below left was made by senior Sameera Baktra.
Great job ladies!

And this last one is another by Cindy.
She made several extras and really enjoyed the assignment.

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