Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What's Brewing in the Art Room??

windfall, thrift store finds, twine, copper pipe, rusty items

This 2nd year group learned eco-dyeing last year on silk.
This year I wanted them to give it a try on linen and cottons which are a bit more challenging to dye because they need a mordant.
The kids can thrift for themselves or pick from the many pieces I have found over the years
on which to dye.
They can also bring in their own windfall or choose from what I've gathered.

Here's senior Daphne Chiang after she has bundled up her blouse with lots of goodies.

And here's her finished blouse after its brewed for a couple of hours and sat for a few days to fester.
Some very cool rust marks.
And the impressions from the twine where she wrapped on the backside.

Next we have senior Kaili Hamada's shirt that she dyed,
and the cool rust marks that were left behind.
Each of the kids got to choose what liquid to steam their shirts in.
I think Daphne brewed hers in eucalyptus leaves,
and Kaili in fushia Rit dye.

For some reason my camera did not capture the richness of color here 
in senior Bianca Tolentino's shirt.
But 3 pictures below you can see the orange Rit dye that cast it's magic on her shirt.

And here they all are blowing in the wind on our clothesline.

In another month or two we will revisit these shirts
 and add a bit of embellishment like I did on Josh's Xmas shirt 
a few posts back.

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  1. The eco prints and the felted/stitched pieces are just wonderful. What a way to start off the new year.