Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Let's See What's Up with My 3-D Students

felt, crochet cotton, perle cotton, seed beads

But first let me tell you what a special group of kids these are, 
a super cohesive group with respect for learning, 
and lots of .positive energy.
I'm really enjoying getting to know these young ones.

During the first quarter of the year I teach the kids about color theory thru tye-dye,
then we move on to learning basic sewing and embroidery skills.
These sweet pieces are showing me they have learned their stitches
 before we apply them to a major assignment.

The top piece I felt was really creative.
I loved how senior Anna Lee cut up 4 background pieces to apply her stitches to,
and that she staggered them.

This next one by senior Evelyn Aldana Padilla flowed with the fall season when she created it.
And I also really enjoy the sense of wind blowing thru her design.

Junior Liana Chie has sewn this lovely bird grouping ,
paying special attention to her two blossoms.

And junior Amber Wu gives us this really gentle soft landscape
which is so very lovely.

Then check out this thought filled work by sophomore Shreya Sheth.
She really has put a lot of work into it as she does with everything she makes.

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  1. Very different but very nice project! Thank you for sharing!