Monday, February 2, 2015

Farewell to My Sweet Little Nublets

colored pencils with some pen & ink

What a treat it has been getting to know my current crop of young ones.
And so much artist talent!
It has really been a lot of fun,
 and I hope you will all be back for another art class in the future.

So let's see whose spheres we have up today.

One of the young ladies who impressed me the most
 with her maturity and creativity was Audrey Ancheta.
She almost always incorporated a message within her art pieces like the thoughtful one above.

Another who will go on to do great things in the art world is Jeffrey Hwang.
I think I might have mentioned before in another post,
but Jeffrey takes outside art lessons.
And what he brings to the plate with me is always something very special.
Check out his striking composition above.
Notice his use of crosshatching lines to build his values with.

And then there is super star Charlotte Park.
I'm pretty sure Charlotte has been dabbling with drawing for most of her young life.
She is super shy,
but yet brave enough that she will bring me in her sketchbook to peek thru. 
And she is always up for improvement and advise.
I have loved working with such a sweet child.
 Notice in her piece above,
 the diagonal horizon which creates directional movement for the eye.
She has also done a great job simulating wood grain,
and her sphere looks very 3-dimensional with superb transitions in value.

Ashley Sunwoo is definitely a rising art star here at Whitney.
She loves working in color which shows thru in her sphere color choices.
And love that backdrop she has put in as well.

And then there is Veronica Baek.
What a joy it has been to teach her.
Even though she is a bit of a bug and asks a ton of questions,
they are always relative and show her attention to fine details.
She is a smart cookie  :)
 and I'm so hoping she will be back!
Her work is always featured as some of the best in the class.

So to gentle Solyana,
my seatmate who has had to put up with my loud voice,
 to Rudy and Kylan,
my two numb nuts who are always fooling around and sort of paying atention,
to Kenneth who I will miss bugging to get closer to see what's going on,
to Maia whose style and smile I will miss,
to Tony and Joshua who never know what's going on but that's ok because your hearts are so pure,
to quiet and shy Lisette who I think I made you smile at least once in the 8 weeks  :),
to Annika who is not quiet at all  LOL,
to Seth who is one of the cutest 7th graders in the class,
to Aditi who was always on the same wave length as me,
to Sandra who had to put up with Cameron,
and Hailey and Katelyn both gifted young artists,
to Nikolas who always delighted and surprised me with his wonderful pieces,
and don't think I could forget you Samuel who I really enjoyed getting to know,
to Amandeep and Zaafir,
 two of the most handsome young men in the 7th grade,
to Kevin,
thank you for your sweetness and thoughtfulness,
to Alyssa, Lesly and Julie, 
don't think I didn't know you where back there  :),
and lastly,
 to the one who made the biggest, loudest impression on me

I will miss you all so much!
Come by and see me,
and don't forget to check the office wall for art displays,
my blog to see what your friends are making, 
and bring your parents in so I can meet them at Open House in April.

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