Sunday, January 25, 2015

Getting to the Root of it All

Trying my hand at growing a couple of Amaryllis and Paper White bulbs this winter.
So far, so good!
One of my favorite things about the Paper Whites is that I'm finding I can grow them in anything.
My ceramic vases and mugs I've made work as well as glass containers 
which allow you to watch the roots grow.
I bought the white & red Amaryllis at the same time,
 but the white one opened first and as it was fading, 
the red opened to fill it's place.
The red opened up with 4 large flowers all at one time.

The Amaryllis came from Home Depot where I was able to buy them on sale, 
and the Paper Whites were purchased up on the mountain where we have our cabin.
I found out that the Paper Whites like a little piece of charcoal placed under them,
and they are so easy to grow.
Just place the bulbs on top of pea gravel,
fill with water to the bottom of the bulb line and watch them go!

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