Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Diligence and Hard Work Pays Off

tissue paper, other assorted papers, mod podge, cardboard, ribbon, bookbinding tape, clear tape

After studying several of the design elements and principles,
my beginners worked their butts off building these gorgeous portfolios to house their artwork in.
They worked within color schemes,
shapes & textures,
value, balance, emphasis,
variety & unity.
They also had to jump thru several hoops in the construction phase.

This first one by senior Karisma Dev was really well planned out,
 and as a result she has designed and executed a strikingly brilliant design.
I love how she has incorporated her zentangling that she learned to do in the 7th Grade Art Wheel Class. 
She has also used a wide variety of interesting papers in her collage work. 
And of course her morphing design is so very cool!

Here we have junior Kyla Balquin who has created this lovely tropical landscape.
The kids use my tissue paper to work with but I also have them bring in special papers from home to give the work more variety.
Then the overlapping of the papers brings in value and texture. 

I adore this next one by junior Katherine Ku.
She's managed to incorporate both a land and cityscape within her design.
I also really like the neutrals she's brought into her color scheme,
and the pops of bright white thru sheet music and text.

Extremely talented senior Cyrus Salvani has designed this very subtle, 
yet powerful piece with the floating masks.

And below,
 8th grader Rochelle Serrano,
who is an up and coming talent to our art department,
  has given her design a kick with the fun checkered bookbinding tape.  

And a new student to me this year,
 junior Charity Lizardo,
is showing off her innate design abilities in this uplifting,
and playful work above.

I was hoping that junior Jane Juan was going to return.
I worked with her in the 7th grade art class and realized that she was a natural talent.
She has designed this lovely portfolio above using koi fish as her inspiration.

Another returning 8th grader,
Sara Ryave
(we saw many of her pieces last year on my blog)
has come up with this highly unique design.
If you look at it one way (bottom side) it looks like a bunch of very tall abstract humans.
But when you look at the top side you are seeing really spiky mountains.
Really clever Sara!

I'm really looking forward to working with many of these kids in the next couple of years, 
hoping to take some of them thru 4th year art.

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