Saturday, January 17, 2015

Yarn Bombing a Branch

handspun & dyed yarns, twigs, watercolored paper, wire, scrap fabric, tissue paper & misc. items

This was a new assignment that I tried out last school year with Karisma Dev
 when she was in 3rd year 3-D.  
It received so many raves that I wanted to bring it back again this year for senior Laarnie Barcelon, 
my sole Adv. 3-D student. 
The assignment really begin at the beginning of the school year when I gave Laarnie white roving to dye and spin up on the spinning wheel.
I encouraged her to make to spin as liberated as possible creating art yarns 
(We saw her earlier in the year on the blog spinning her brains out  :)
Then it was up to her to find something special to incorporate with the yarn for a mixed media effect.
She brought in a great looking branch that she cut into 3 pieces then reconfigured.
Working to the shapes in the branches she used a free form knitting technique to knit up her yarns
 so that she could stretch, 
weave and wrap them about the branches. 
She was also required to bring in additional media to compliment the work.
So when you look closely you see sheet music that's been watercolored,
some of it cut into butterflies.
I spy a stuffed felt bear head peeking out from a fabric nest,
coiled wire springs, and black rubber washers from the hardware store.
It's a perfect assignment for re-purposing. 

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