Thursday, February 28, 2013

Burnished Whistles - Student Work

I think these are some of the most lovely whistles to date that my beginning clay kids have produced.  Interesting, enclosed pinch/paddle forms, and some really smooth burnishing.  Then bisque & sawdust fired and rubbed with metallic compounds.  Simple but beautiful.

These top two were made by senior Kristen Palma and junior Justyn Ll.  You never know how your work will come out of the sawdust, and these two girls got real lucky with the gorgeous markings left behind.
These next two works were done by seniors Binny Singh and Andre' Martin.  Binny choose a gold metallic while Andre' picked the copper for stunning effects.

And below we have seniors David Lee, Mehar Maju and junior Shamara Mustafa, all with completely different looks, each unique and wonderful.  

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