Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oil Pastel Exercises - 7th Graders

These were created by my 2nd Quarter 7th graders, now long gone.  But that doesn't mean I still don't think about them and what a wonderful group of kids they were.  
The assignment was to learn to use the oil pastels and find your own working style, so we experimented for a day then off they went.  They had a choice between shading the spheres monochromatically, analogously, or complimentary.  And then to create a setting for their balls complete with cast shadow.

This first beauty was done by Lynette Lee.  I love how she chose brown for her mother color.  Not many think to use brown.  And I feel her grasses are very realistic.
In this one above Margaret Yiu has shaded her purple sphere with analogous blue.  Lovely Margaret!
Below hers we have the very sweet 7th grader Jessica Mones.  Jessica has built in a spectacular sky in the background.
And lastly there is the work of Julie Guan.  She has really found her niche' with the pastels.  Her pointillist style is to die for!
Thank you girls for you wonderful pieces!

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