Monday, February 25, 2013

What Do They Say About Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie?

It's been so cold here in So. Cal. this winter that Sophie can mostly be found hibernating under our blankets and quilts.  Sometimes her little nose isn't even sticking out, I don't know how she can breathe.

My favorite is when she gets under the covers with me to take a quick nap, she's like a hot water bottle keeping me warm.  Here we are in Jim's "Man Cave" napping on the floor under the beautiful wedding quilt my cousin Linda made for us.  I love how she has her sweet little head on the pillow next to me as I sleep. 
We've also had Miesha and Puck over for a couple of weekend sleep-overs.  They like to squeeze into Sophie's doggy bed and keep each other warm.  Too cute!

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