Monday, February 11, 2013

2012-2013 Knit Pillow Sampler - My Work

This summer I wanted to try out a different pattern for my beginning knitters to learn on for this school year.  I showed off the results a couple of posts ago if you want to scroll down.   Usually we do a scarf with each square a different knit stitch.  Then they sew all of them together into a scarf.  But I love to try out new things.  So I received several e-mails about what my sampler looked like that I showed the kids before they started.  So here are my 2 samplers below.
I mentioned the other day that the kids learn about 8 pattern stitches, the most difficult being Intarsia.
In the first sampler above (brownish tones)I used cheap store bought yarns but in this sampler above I pulled out some hand dyed,  hand spun yarns from my stash.

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