Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Crafty Husband

Ever since I've known Jim, he has been handcrafting walking sticks.  He uses them occasionally when his back is acting up and it helps him as he walks the dog around the block.  So last year he started a new Xmas tradition   After Xmas instead of giving our tree to the garbage men, he cut off the dead branches , sawed and filed off the nubs, whittled off the bark, sanded the wood, stained it and then varnished it.  My favorite part on all his sticks is that he tries to find something unique to put at the ends.  I believe he picked up that cool carved ball from a thrift store or maybe it was from Home Depot.  Can't quite remember, either can he.  LOL  
Anyways, they are beautifully crafted, and he, I  and my son Zach, are working to get my shop up and running so that he can put up a few of his sticks for sale.  So watch for the shop to open soon.  The unfinished stick in the photo is from this years little stumpy tree we had.  Can't wait to show it off when he's done turning it into a gorgeous walking stick.

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