Friday, February 8, 2013

Carla Sonheim Drawing Class - Day 1

Test Day Drawing  - Closed Eye Drawing (above)

Day One
Draw a Silly Object with your Non-Dominant Hand (my left)
A couple of weeks ago I shared that I'm taking an online drawing workshop with Carla Sonheim.  It's a 21 day class that has already ended, but sadly I've only advanced as far as Day 1.  I know, such a slow-poke.  Plus I have a really bad drawing block which is why I'm forcing myself to take the class.  You can see how well that's working  LOL

Anyways, here's Day One.
Carla asked us to draw a silly object that we weren't real familiar with.  
So I scavenged thru my desk and found these really fun pieces.
The next thing was to draw them using only our non-drawing hand, for me that's my left hand.  So of course for days and days I put it off, then one day I bravely sat down and tried it.  To my surprise and delight this little cutie below turned out really well.  
So with some confidence under my belt I tired it again, and I actually really enjoyed the process.
It forced me to really slow down, and I wasn't able to erase because she told us to do it with a black marker using only a single line.
I ended up loving all three of my drawings, and I'm going to use this as a warm up exercise next year with my drawing students.

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