Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Moonstone Mounted Sculptures - Student Work

Okay Ceramics II,  I've  finally gotten around to posting one of your first assignments of the year, Moonstones.   So sorry it's taken soooo long.  Here we go!

I want to start with one of the sweetest hearts I know, senior Stella Park.  This is Stella's 3rd class with me and she is such a superstar.  A fantastic designer and craftswoman, Stella always comes thru.

Take a look at that expressive face and how beautifully the sawdust firing enhances it.  I especially like how she chose to mount her moonstone.  She dug thru my wood bin and found several pieces that she glued together, stained and drizzled paint down.  Gorgeous work Stella.
I liked it so much that I had to show you both sides.

And here is superstar #2, senior Eddie Ponce.  I adore this young man who takes such delight and pleasure as he creates his pieces.  He says he doesn't but I know differently  :)  Eddie very cleverly turned his moonstone into a fish and double mounted it; first with a clay coral reef  and then with his painted wood base embellished with sand and real coral.  Wonderful job Eddie!
And last but never least is superstar #3, senior Rita Labib.  Yes, you recognize her name because this is her 5th class with me, and I have showcased her work for the past 3 years.  Rita has given us a very expressive face, complete with tear drops.  I like how she has enhanced her sawdust finish with a bit of rubbed on metallic compound.
And I especially love how she dealt with her wood by cutting and sanding a curved base with bits of glass chards and paint stain which highlights the wood's knot.  Then to off-center her piece, brilliant!

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