Friday, March 1, 2013

3/4 View Charcoal Portraits - Student Work

So proud of my Intermediate 2-D kids, they knocked this assignment out of the park!
In this assignment the kids were to cover their entire paper with charcoal first then erase in their drawing.  Afterwards they could come into it with charcoal pencils to define edges and put in fine details.  They were really afraid at first to use this technique.  It was new to them and challenging.  But once they started the erasing process they were fine.

Above, I believe this is senior Halah Elsahhar's most outstanding work to date.  She was able to capture likeness to original with several values of grey and black and really make her work "POP".
In this next work senior Belinda Wu does the figure in the charcoal technique but keeps the background negative space white so that late she can come in with ink washes for her backdrop.  
I've given you some close-ups so you can see for yourself.  Brilliant work Belinda!  Wait till Mr. Z sees this one.  LOL

Junior Michaela Platt picks a subject with very dramatic eyes which really draws you into the work.  I also had to show you a close-up of her cigarette and flame, that took some real skill! 

And in this last one junior Megan Yeu has also shown us her talent as she depicts the water being  poured over his face and splashed over his upper body.  A close-up for you below.
Fantastic work you all!!!

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  1. Wow!! is all I can say. Amazing work from your students!