Sunday, February 24, 2013

Acrylic Word Compostiton

Senior Laura Kadi, as the sole Advanced 2-D student, continues to surprise and delight me with her interpretations of her assignments.  

In this project she first had to learn to paint with artist's acrylics (she took to it like a duck to water).  Then she had to design a composition that used at least 60% text.  For both the fore and backgrounds, she was required to paint dimensionally from lights to darks as well as do the same within the text she chose.  Laura chose a complimentary color scheme to paint in which makes the work pop from the get-go, and then adds a very special touch by collaging over parts of the background with handmade paper to bring in a bit of texture and mystery.  The paper is so lovely with flecks of gold leaf couched in.
A brilliant piece Laura!   

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