Thursday, August 23, 2012

Woo Hoo...New Assignment - Woven Nest

Every year I teach my Beginning 3-D students how to spin their own yarn as well as to weave with it.  And I usually have them weave a pouch, but this year I tried something different, we wove bird nests.  The requirements were to build a foundation for the nest out of wire, then use at least 4 different kinds of fibers to weave the nest with, one being their own hand spun yarn.  They also had to fill the nest with something that worked visually, then make something special to put inside their nest.  The medium was up to them.
These nests turned out so spectacular that instead of just showing off a couple, I've photoed at least half of the classes projects, so this is kind of a long post.  I hope you enjoy it.
This first one above was done by sophomore Lydia Kim.  I was so impressed by her choice of fibers and then figuring out and making a pattern to sew a felt bird.  Bravo Lydia!!
This next very feminine and lovely nest was built by senior Aparna Vanchewaran.  This was an end of the year project and I turned the kids loose to find whatever they could to weave with.  I have boxes with laces and ribbons that Aparna made use of, and then just look at her incredible butterfly she made for the inside.  Wow! 

In this one, junior Alice Zhang used chenille, jute, feathers and newspaper strips to get this very realistic looking nest, plus her white hand spun.  And she splintered a piece of wood and used our woodburning tool to etch "Home" for her inside.  So creative!

This next playful piece was done by junior Sheila San Agustin.  She recycled a notebook spiral binding, and papermache'd  this adorable little guy holding his fishing pole.

I asked senior Jaimee Chirico to make a prototype so the students would be able to see an example before they started.  This is her wonderful piece.
Her bird and nest's foundations were built from wire before they where woven.  And her eggs were made from paper mache' and then paint was speckled on.

Junior Emily Yang has made a gorgeous piece here with lots of wonderful fiber choices.  she also made paper mache' eggs. 

Junior Tiffany Lee got crazy creative and built this fabulous sculpture using all kinds of recycled materials.  I was so impressed when she turned this in.  She is such an outside of the box thinker, and I'm hoping she goes on to major in design.

Look closely at this next one with it's sleeping angel inside made from polymer clay and feathers, and the little sign that says "Be back in 2 hours"  So cute junior Lydia Ko

And then there's the sweet pomegranate angel by senior Stephanie Pascua, and the wire chicken below by senior Luis Gomez.

Junior Sara Shams peeled apart a plastic woven netting material to line her basket with, and then made a golden egg to nestle inside her lovely nest.  And sophomore Alex Rendon went all out with a purple lace he found to weave with that created a great fringe. 

Junior Ashley Chowdhury created the most lovely piece with her ribbons, laces and roses, and sweet butterfly.  And very clever senior Shavanti Kariyawasam dedicated her nest to the senior class and how they were ready to spread their wings and leave us.

One of my very favorites was this one by junior Stella Park, loved the form, the color choices, the fiber selections, and all the beautiful hand spun around the lip.  Gorgeous work as always Stella!!

And this last one, by junior Julia Chanco, is another well thought out piece in both form, colors, and hanging devise.
And her egg was so lovely with the collaged papers.  
Fantastic job all of you, I'm so proud to show these off!!  Just sorry it took me so dang long!

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  1. these are delightful! especially love the use of jute, papier mache eggs, all of the lovely handspun & of course, their imaginations.