Saturday, August 11, 2012

Soldered Glass - Student Work

I could have sworn I posted these already but I couldn't find them, but if I have please forgive the repeat, that's what happens when you get old  LOL

Anyways, these where done by my Advanced 3-d girls, seniors Nandi Best and Kelsea Lee.  They learned to solder last year in the 2nd year 3-D class, so this year I let them do a free choice assignment in solder and glass.  Some years the kids build a 3-dimensional work, sometimes they want to work flat.  

In Nandi's piece here, she has a bit of both.  I especially love the little net catch-all she made and the 3-d box filled with origami stars.  What a neat piece.  Plus check out how she stamped the glass with ink designs.  I believe I remember her telling me that the dried flowers under glass as well as the paper pieces she had collected at senior retreat, so they have a very special meaning to her.  Wonderful, wonderful work Nandi.

Kelsea was absent for many days during this assignment so she wasn't able to put in the time that Nandi did, but she still came up with a great design.  I'm pretty sure she was inspired by her good friend Brian  :)

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  1. These would look great floating in a window. I really like the looseness of them as compared to a firm leaded glass piece.