Friday, August 24, 2012

Full Fused Glass - Student Work

This group of work was done by my Intermediate 3-D kids.  I teach them 2 different kids of fused glass, full fused and partially fused.  I start them with full fused first.  This means that I melt their glass designs in the kiln at a temperature that will completely fuse them into one piece with no lumps or bumps on the top like in partially fused.
This top one belongs to senior Johanna Paz.  After the kids make these they can turn them into jewelry or use the pieces in mosaic work. 
9th grader Karisma Dev built the work above.  If you look closely you can see that she fashioned a wire loop and fused it into the top of the work so she could dangle it at a later date.

Junior Kevin Tang wire wrapped his full fused glass cross and built a leather bracelet to house the charm.  Fantastic effort Kevin

Junior Rita Labib went on the Internet and found ring foundations to wire wrap her full fused pieces onto.  Clever girl!  In the top one she silver soldered around the glass before her mounted it and in the lower one I believe she just glued it onto the platform.
I think the ring below belongs to Kevin.  I think Rita let him have one of her ring bases, so that he soldered around the glass then mounted it to the base.

In the one above senior Pauline Yang made wire pieces to fuse into her glass pieces.  Now she just needs to rub the wire with steel wool to clean it off, and it should look new again.  I think these are very cool desgins, and are ready for a chain to be worn.

I'm not positive but I believe this elongated form was made by Rita.  I really like how she used the silver solder to finish it off.

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