Thursday, August 9, 2012

Watercolor and Charcoal - Student Work

These are how my Beginning 2-D kids finished the year with these terrific pieces.  The subject matter was their own choosing, but they were required to use a combination of watercolor and charcoal.

This first one was done by senior Joan Kim and it blew everyone out of the water, we were all so impressed.  I really look forward to seeing Joan make her mark in art school this fall.  Good Luck Kiddo!
These next two beauties belong to senior Tiffany Yeh.  What I loved about Tiffany besides her being so gifted as a designer and drawing student was that she was fast and could produce 2 or more pieces in the time it took the others to make just one.

And this one below takes my breathe away by sophomore Megan Yeu.  What an outstanding piece by a very talented up and comer. 

In this jelly fish piece by senior Michelle Chang, she has created a distinct upward movement which is very difficult to do.

And junior Sabrina Velasco has captured the ocean in such an atmospheric way.  So lovely Sabrina.
And this last one below by junior Halah Elsahhar was masterfully done.  I was especially impressed with how she drew the cloud in front of the moon.  

Great job all of you beginners, you've come a long way this year and learned a lot. I know I pushed you really hard, but  you all rose to the challenges.  Thank you for giving me so much and making the year so wonderful.  Love you guys and miss you!!   

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