Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kinda Creepy Moonbabies

Senior Tim Chai had some extra time on his hands and wanted to build up his extra credit, so this is what he came up with.  He went back to the first assignment of the year and made a couple moonbabies.  He had seen some other kids who had mounted theirs so he thought he'd give it a try.  The kids love to work with the wood;  to sand, drill and saw.  So this was his creation.  Then it sat on the shelf for a few weeks and I asked him if he was going to take it home.  "Are you kidding, my mom wouldn't let me bring that in the house" or something to that effect.  He said "You can have it."  Gee thanks, Tim.  Just what I want.  LOL
JK, I have it proudly displayed in the art lounge where you can visit it any time or maybe take it to college with you  :)


  1. this cracks me up. reminds me of a cooking class in high school. cake decorating-everyone did flowers and rainbows- my group made a marshmallow man in a licorice noose & gallows w/graveyard all around.

  2. Oh my that a noose? It's well-made but certainly has a factor of something Tim Burtonesque. I'm assuming this was from one of your 3D classes? :) I get why people would enjoy your projects. The mounting looks fun!