Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Self-Portraits - Student Work

I'm so proud to show off the self-portraits of my Intermediate 2-D class.  This project was their 4th quarter final and they were allowed to choose their favorite medium to work within.  They were also allowed to work realistically or to abstract themselves as long as I was able to recognize them in the piece.  But they were required to work from a recent photo or by looking into a mirror.    I always look forward to seeing how the kids will portray themselves and in what media they choose to do it in.  We had many interesting, dynamic results.

Above we is senior Michael Chen.  I adore this very strong likeness and the way he changes scale within the piece.  Brilliant!!  His medium is water pastel.

Below is senior Janice Min.  She chose to give herself a new do, but still managed to capture her face really well in charcoal and watercolor for a really fun piece.

Here we have senior Jessica Liu  working very intently on her portrait in acrylic.  She must have changed this piece up at least 4 times and then finally settled on this remarkable and expressive likeness.  Fantastic job kiddo!!  Hey, by the way, where is my watercolor of me and you know who??  I messaged you on face book but you never got back to me.  Hope it's still on!  

This next soft and lovely work is junior Laura Kadi.  She also chose to work in water pastels, and I'm thrilled she will be coming back next year.

And below is senior Sarah Zhang with her boyfriend senior Tim Luong.  What an adorable portrait she did of the two of them in watercolor and charcoal.   

And we finish off with senior Michelle Lee's intriguing piece.  She worked from an old photo that our school's beloved S.I.A. Joe gave her of  himself.  He really enjoyed Michelle's work at Open House and commissioned her to do a piece for him.  So she worked him into her self-portrait assignment.  Clever girl this one!  Michelle worked in acrylic, and like Jessica, changed this piece up several times before she was satisfied.    

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