Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thrown Pottery - Student Work

During the Second Semester my Ceramics II kids learn how to throw on the potter's wheel.  This is a very challenging time for them because throwing is a global skill, the learning is very difficult and must be practiced often.  And my poor babies did struggle, but not one of them gave up and I'm so proud to show off their work.  And of course a part of the process is glazing the pots.  So these first two were done with ceramic oxide pencils and the kids were able to draw their designs on then put transparent glaze over top.

The top one was done by very talented senior David Hyun, who was also one of my top drawing/painting students.  And below we have senior Hannah Woo doing a very cool geometric design.

I've lost track of who the two above belong to, but my best guess is senior Melissa Garcia.  She has used ceramic pencil on the first plate and multiple poured glazes on the second.

And below we have senior Tiffany Liu with these three very differently finished pieces.  In the first plate on the left she has stained the piece with cobalt oxide then used a transparent glaze over top, the top right piece she cut up pieces of masking tape in the shape of triangles, rubbed them down onto her bisqued plate then dipped the piece in our blue glaze.  And the bottom one was first dipped into our black glaze then she poured a bit of white glaze over top.  Of all 5 of the kids, Tiffany had the hardest time learning to throw, but I really admire her tenacity, she worked so hard, never gave up and managed to throw more pieces then the other four students.  Way to go Tiffany!  And earned her "A"  :)

This next beauty is another work by David, in which he used multiple glazes to finish it off with.
And then senior Alyssa Olea made this cutie below.  She also struggled mightily, but again her determination pulled her thru and she ended up with many lovely works.  This piece was actually one of her rejects but she saved it by adding a face and handle for a really fun mug.  
I'm so proud of all of you.  Thank you for a great year and good luck in your first year in college, I know you start soon.  I'll be thinking of you all.  Keep in touch.

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