Sunday, August 12, 2012

Slab Boxes with Locking Lids - Student Work

In this Ceramics I assignment the kids were required to make a box with only slabs.  They also had to put in at least 2 different surface decorative techniques, and of course the lid had to lock.  

Senior Shavonna Walker made this big beauty above.  I really like how she thought to pierce parts of the lid away.  It gives it such a cool look.
Here we have senior Priya Shah with this striking piece.  She melted glass in her carved out areas on her lid, as well as inside for a great surprise when you lift off the lid.

This next one by junior Stella Park is so cool and has such neat architectural lines, it looks like something you'd see in the Museum of Archaeology in Mexico City.  Love it Stella!! 
Senior Kelsey Chang made the amazing work below.  She's used applied decoration as well as incising, and did a really cool locking design.  And her glazing turned out beautifully.  Great job kiddo!  
And lastly, we have senior Michelle Lee, yes, Michelle once again.  Let's see, she had 2 classes with me this year, plus during her T.A. period with Mr. Perry, she used to hang in the art room.  So she used that T.A. time to put extra touches on her ceramics pieces.  So let me show you what she' done here.
Two separate lids, and a lot of carving and incising.  Phenomenal work Michelle.
She glazed it by staining the bisqued piece with red iron oxide then using transparent glaze over top.

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