Friday, August 10, 2012

Scratchboard with Watercolor

Every year I really enjoy displaying these pieces on the blog, and the Intermediate 2-D kids really love creating them.  There are two drawbacks when working in scratchboard.  One, it's very expensive, and two, once you scratch away the black coating you can't put it back if you've discovered you've made a mistake, so these kids have to go into their deepest right brain skills so that they don't make an error  
Scratchboard is a white posterboard covered in a black ink.  You use two special nibs to scratch away the black to create range of value.  Then I have the kids go back into the white areas and use their watercolors.  I grade them on both range of value in black and white and also in color.  The subject matter is up to them.  If we have time I have them matt them up.

The sensitive and lovely piece above was done by junior Laura Kadi.  Check out her attention to detail.  Wonderful job Laura!
This next colorful piece was done by senior Janice Min.  I really like how she used all the colors on the color wheel to watercolor in her work with.  I also really like the drips very much.  Cool piece Janice.

This next one was made by senior Michael Chen.  He worked this piece to death before he was satisfied, and it was magnificent.  I hope my blog pix does it justice.
This next one by senior Jessica Liu was masterful.  This gal can really crank works of art out.  Jessica will be attending UCLA's art dept. this fall.  I'm so excited for her, and I know her professors are going to fall in love with her and her work.  Have fun kiddo.  I'll be thinking of you.

And finally we have senior Michelle Lee's piece.  She worked from a photo for the butterfly but then added her own creative backdrop for a stunning work.  Michelle will be at Otis Art Institute this fall along with Michael Chen, both of whom earned scholarships with their very strong portfolios (and of course the heartfelt letters of rec. I wrote for them  LOL)  I'm so proud of all of you.  Go seniors!! 

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