Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Coil Pots - Student Work

Wait till you see the coil pots that my beginners produced this year.  They seem to have incorporated so much movement in their designs, and really thought thru their glazing for beautiful finishes.  Here we go!

One of my favorites is above and I can't even remember who built it.  My best guess in either seniors Priya Shah or Opal Patel  HELP!!

I do remember that the very cool piece below was made by senior Claudine Talamayan.  Notice how both these kids have used stamping within their designs which makes them so much more interesting to the eye. Claudine stained her piece with oxides and the student above used both staining and glazes for a very nice contrast.

This next one with the incredible fluting neck and lip was done by senior Jaimee Chirico.  She stained hers then put transparent glaze over top.

Below we have sophomore Tahnee Thanthrong with this very elegant piece.  

Two more favorites this year where the one above by junior Rita Labib and below by sophomore Samantha Lee.  Rita has a lot going on with so many different elements for the eye.  She has also built in a lot of movement then finished it with a contrast between staining and glaze.  Brilliant work Rita!
Below Samantha has a more simplified design that she has tied together with circular shapes.  Then her glazing is so wonderfully thought out with the contrast between dark and light.  And I love the drooling and running of the glaze along the lip.  Every time I walked by this piece in the classroom, it really caught my eye. Fantastic job Sam!

Senior Michelle Lee has outdone herself in this piece.  I was skeptical when she told me that she was going to be working really large.  I cautioned her that she might run out of time, but this young woman pulled it off masterfully.

Another incredible piece was done by sophomore Aman Patel.  Again, look at the movement he's pulled off, and the cool glaze design with the running and drooling.   LOVE IT!!!

These last 2 pieces where done as extra credit after the girls finished their first pots.  Above we have senior Shayna Franklin with her awesome mug...
and here we have Rita's mug . 
Great, great work Ceramics I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. These are beautiful! I love all the different types of coils all together. and the spirals and round pieces embedded between them.

  2. These are awesome. I did a 18" one myself for a college class and know how tricky these can be when they get big. I taught my younger students (8-12) how to do it, but did not get results like these. We now have damp boxes at the YMCA where teach so maybe it's time to try again. I just love the diversity of vessels you got.

  3. The first coil pot is Opal's masterpiece!

  4. i love the curls and swirls of these!