Tuesday, January 3, 2017


This is a kit that I purchased at a favorite knit store up in La Verne called Make One Yarn Company.
It came with the circular knitting needles that had been cut in half and a magnetic clasp attached,
and some directions.
The sock yarn I purchased at the store,
the knit pattern I figured out on my own
(came with no patterns, but pix of several pattern ideas)
I've been knitting a baby sweater with a faux cable so I put that thru the middle 
with a bit of knit garter on either side and along the bottom edge.  
I also threw in some stockinette around the cable to make it pop better.
Instead of binding off,
you just keep the piece on the needles and criss cross them within the piece.


  1. So many questions…??? Why the magnets? What happens next?

  2. Ah, yet another mountain unclimbed. I'll watch from the lowlands and cheer you on ;)