Tuesday, January 10, 2017


part two

The Earth Looms first trip outside to see the light of day with it's creators,
seniors Shreya Sheth and Jacqueline Yu.

Warped up and ready to weave, 
and a close up below.

Of course there was signage.

All dressed up with Jac & Shreya having started the first bit of weaving along the bottom.
Because there was so much windfall around the school,
the girls decided the weavers (weft) would be plant based. 
So every morning before school and during snack the girls and I would forage for windfall,
and place it in the basket outside with the loom,
as you can see below.
Did we (I) purposely cut any plants?
Maybe I did a little,
like the day lilies.
I wanted some colorful blooms in there of course!
Also posted were directions for the passers by to be able to learn to weave.
I honestly was surprised and saddened to find out that not many of our students 
were never given the opportunity to weave in Elementary School or at home.

And they came,
tentatively at first,
so that it wove up slowly.
But the delight showed on their sweet faces.
And the passers by were intrigued.

Then they started slipping in from the P.E. field for a quick fix,
hee hee

and it really started to grow,

until they were lining up to take their turns.

Even our new Principal wanted a turn at it.

And then it was done.


But there is more so stay tuned  :)

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