Tuesday, January 17, 2017


straight pins, form core, tacky glue & sewing string

I'm not sure what to call these pieces by senior Shreya Sheth.
What I do know is they are really cool and different.
I think Shreya saw something similar on Pinterest this summer and was inspired by it,
so asked if she could give it a try.
Go for it girl!
Shreya joins me this year for 3 art classes, 
only done once before by Alumni Caroline Ma in 2011.
Sheya is in the Advanced 3-D art class with senior Jacqueline Yu in which we saw their Earth Loom,
but she also has two other periods a day with me for Special Studies 3-D Art.
These are independant study 4th level classes.
This is where we saw her weaving the bracelets earlier this year.
So now she is focused on this new technique that she discovered.
The top most piece was her first tiny practice,
then she attempted a more challenging practice,
the London Bridge I believe?
Or is that the Golden Gate?
here is a close up of the bigger one.
Sometimes she goes around a pin head once,
sometimes twice,
depending on the value of the line she wants to achieve.
I love that she is letting the strings hang down.
That addes so much interest for the eye.
Shreya is currently finishing her "real" one.
Wait till you see it!
and has taken her hours and hours to complete.
I will be sure to post it very soon.

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  1. Love these study pieces ... the hanging strings and the perspective in the bridge piece especially. What a great way to get your head around the essential elements of structures.

    And I so want to think that's the George Washington bridge from my old stomping grounds in New York.